Medicare bulk-billed general practice

Dr. Tim Aung

Dr. Tim Aung
  • Speciality General Practice and Skin cancer
  • Work days Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Tim was trained in New Zealand as a Community GP, after serving in a number of public hospitals and gaining broader experiences in various disciplines including General Medicine, Surgery, Mental Health and Paediatric. Tim has been working as a GP in Brisbane since 2011 and joined Woodridge team April 2015. Tim holds wider experiences in Men & Women health, STIs and Contraception (including Implanon & Mirena), Diabetic & Cardiovascular problems, Musculoskeletal medicine, and Refugee health. Tim also has a special interest with additional skills in Skin cancer & Dermatology, benefiting the patient with necessary excision with ± flap/graft. Tim is also involving in medical research, accomplishing several publications and reviewers for a number of medical journals.

Tim is very humble and honoured to serve for the community of Woodridge/Logan, being an area of high needs, which is composed of Indigenous people, Refugees of various nationality, and Polynesians in addition to mainstream Australians. Tim can speak Myanmar (Burmese), and little (laiti) Samoan, as had worked in Samoan and Cook Islands 1995 – 1999 through UNDP/UNV agencies.  Tim is an ardent golfer and a passionate follower of NRL. Tim additionally also enjoys walking, jogging, indoor soccer and travelling.

ORCID:             https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9067-2203   (Publications + Reviewer)

Publons/WOS:           https://www.webofscience.com/wos/author/record/1253675   (Publications + Reviewers)