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Elmo Senanayake

  • Speciality Podiatrist
  • Experience Chief Podiatrist Tasman Podiatry

Elmo Senanayake is a skilled and dedicated podiatrist. He established Total Podiatry in 2012. Since then Elmo has been delivering sports Podiatry, aged and disability care for clinics in Victoria. Now he has established Tasman Podiatry to provide innovative podiatry treatments for Brisbane and surrounding areas. Elmo is a passionate sportsman. His injuries in the past and constant visits to physiotherapist made him develop an interest in learning the mechanics of the human body. His enthusiasm to learn biomechanics drove him to study physiotherapy for a few years and then also to achieve is Bachelors in Podiatry in 2011 at Auckland University of Technology. Elmo has implemented different measures to improve individual overall mechanics of the body and tested many different orthotic manufacturing techniques in the past. He has also tried many different ways to improve movement by splinting exercises stretching and other kinds of AIDS to improve function. He covers all aspects of podiatry general podiatry, children feet, nail surgeries and more.